We would like to have a conversation with you about the most important person in all of history. But, we know that everyone comes from all different places and experiences.

You may be broken.  Maybe you are aware of your messy heart.  You are embarrassed by things you have said or done that have hurt yourself or others.  You think, "God couldn't...He wouldn't...He shouldn't care about me or listen to me."


You may be disappointed.  Maybe you grew up in church, but now, too many "Christians" have disappointed you.  They lied to you. They appeared good and proper on Sunday, but then lived a completely different way the rest of the week.

You may be skeptical.  Your questions - honest questions - have never been dealt with seriously.  You have heard so many reasons for why Christianity is not true, you wonder why there are even any followers of Jesus at all.  So, you find yourself skeptical and very hesitant to trust any follower of Jesus.

We want you to feel at home here with your brokenness, disappointment and skepticism.  We believe Jesus offers a better way to heal your brokenness, build back trust and address your questions. We also believe that the way of Jesus offers the best way for the broken, disappointed and skeptical to experience the community we all long for. 


You are invited to #seeJesusclearly.

So, why don't you join the conversation?

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A Desire to

Listen and ask questions.

Too often, we are too quick to speak. Our desire is to listen with the intent to hear the broken's heartache, the disappointed's frustration, and skeptic's doubt.

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How do I start?

It's not easy to start a conversation, especially about Jesus. Most of the time, you don't have to dive right into asking the deep questions, simply start by getting to know someone.

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