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A Million Conversations

Welcome! Here you will find posts related to Starters, Encounters, and Experiences. They are all meant to foster a million conversations and exploration of Jesus and his way of life.

We hope these posts get you thinking about your understanding of the world and yourself and helps you see Jesus clearly. Take your time, read, ponder, ask questions, and challenge us. If there is a topic of interest that you wonder what a follower of Jesus might think or if Jesus addressed it, email us at

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This is an understandable question for anyone exploring Jesus and His way of life. In this post, I simply want to lay out the space one has, including the boundaries, on this topic. But for any issu

Starter topic of conversation: Suffering Why does God seem to hide himself, especially in times of great tragedy, pain and loss? This question is one of the great motivators for why many conclude that

Let me offer a Starter topic of conversation: the name of Jesus. Now that probably sounds like a strange topic of conversation. So, let me explain a little more. Your name and my name when it is sai

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