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The Ultimate Evidence about who Jesus is

Let me offer a Starter topic of conversation: the name of Jesus.

Now that probably sounds like a strange topic of conversation. So, let me explain a little more. Your name and my name when it is said does not do very much beyond getting our attention. In fact, that is about all the saying of our names does.

Unless we are a person who has authority.

For example, when it is time for our family to eat dinner, I will send one of my children to get the others who are either outside or in another part of the house. I say, “Go tell your sisters that dad says it is time for dinner.” They come because they know it is their father who is calling them and not just their sibling.

Or take the CEO of a company. When a CEO passes down directives to the rank and file of a company, things happen because the name has authority.

It is a claim of followers of Jesus that the name of Jesus still means something and can cause things to happen. This is why prayer is very important to followers of Jesus: Jesus told his followers thousands of years ago that because he is the CEO over all the world, we can ask anything in his name and he will do it.

This does not mean that Jesus is a genie in a bottle and must grant us any request we ask him. And Jesus is not a force that can be utilized, like magic spells, or for experiments. His name is connected to Jesus, the person, and he is the one who decides and acts when his name is used as it should.

Now, if Jesus is who he claimed to be, the CEO over all the world, then his name means something and the things that Jesus and his followers caused in His name can still happen today.

For example, over a year ago (2019) I prayed for a friend who had pain in her back and went multiple times a month to the chiropractor. My wife and I prayed for her that in the name of Jesus the pain would go away. When we prayed, all I did was place my hand on her shoulder, I did not jump around or handle snakes. She reported that as we prayed heat was felt in the area of the back pain and was immediately reduced, not completely, but enough that tears came to her eyes when she felt the pain significantly reduced. It has been over a year and she recently shared with my wife that she has not been to the chiropractor and has not had pain in her back since that time.

So, if Jesus is not who he said he is, then accounts like these could absolutely not occur. But, if he is the CEO of the world, then accounts like this demonstrate that Jesus is actually who he said he is.

Our claim is not that something would happen every time. Our claim is that if Jesus is the CEO and his name, then, is not empty like Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, then some times events happen because of Jesus’ name. That has been the experience of millions of followers of Jesus for two-thousand years.

Have you ever prayed or desperately desired something and the odds of it coming true were so low that when it did happen, you knew it was more than mere coincidence?

Let me end this Starter with this: Jesus wants you to know Him and His love for you. We read that Jesus did a lot of healing as demonstrations of his love and his followers did the same by using the name of Jesus. Someone is willing to pray for you in Jesus' name. Go to the Chats section and click on "Email Us." This is the ultimate evidence of who Jesus is.

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